Music & Vision


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Granted Access [GA] has established itself as San Francisco's premiere new Indie Music Label and Film Production Company.

Located in California's Silicon Valley, we find, cultivate and produce outstanding local, national and international artists, integrating their vision and sound with high-end A/V tech-tools across the diverse musical genres of Rock, R&B, Pop-Rock, Pop, Alternative Rock, Electronic Dance Music, Country and Classical. As technical capabilities evolve, we’ll present these advancements to enhance the way artist's can express themselves.

In addition to providing funding and inspiration for new musicians and filmmakers, we also handle booking shows, corporate events and "happy hours" for local San Francisco and Bay Area high-tech companies, providing showcase opportunities for everything from new bands to well-established artists, creating solid opportunities to both entertain… and get-to-know diverse businesses - - from start-ups to high-tech Fortune 500 companies in Bay Area

GA is a full service, 360 degree independent Company. Our California office and team have collectively over 30 years experience in the Entertainment industry, both in Europe and the United States. Granted Access is an incubator and creator of New Talent contributing to the next generation of Artists and Filmmakers.